PCB 3043L - FIU Ecology Lab

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Department of Biological Sciences - Florida International University - Miami , FL
Lab Website: http://bioserv.fiu.edu/~ecology/

Ecology Lecturer:
Dr. John Geiger: geigerj@fiu.edu

Lab Location: OE 321

TA Section
Day & Time
Office Hours
Email Address
Sean Charles U01
Mo 8:00-11:50am ECS 114 Thur 11-1pm by appointment
James Stroud U02 Tu 8:00-11:50pm OE 271 Mon 3-4pm by appointment


Shelby Servais U03
Tu 12:00-3:50am ECS 114
Thur 11-1pm by appointment


Jeremy May U04 Th 8:00-11:50am ECS 115 Thur 12-2pm by appointment jmay010@fiu.edu
Kristie Wendelberger
(Head TA)
--   ECS 162 Wed 3-4 pm by appointment kwendelberger@yahoo.com
Syllabus and schedule subject to change by TA.

Last updated: September 19, 2013