Genetics Laboratory:   Spring 2015  PCB 3063L

Spring 2015 Syllabus **Please print and keep a copy for the duration of the semester**      

Schedule of Labs **Contains information about assignments, due dates and links to course resources**

Background Materials  **Contains primary literature resources necessary to complete writing assignments**

Guidelines for lab proposals .doc

A link to the Grading Rubric for the PTC Lab Reports can be found on the Schedule of Labs**Please be familiar with this document when writing your lab reports**

Example Lab Report 1  .doc  

Example Lab Report 2  .doc

For additional assistance in writing the lab reports please visit:

Contact Information: 






Joshua Smith AHC-1 217 Tue 12-2pm U05
Daniel Merselis AHC-1 317 Mon 3-5pm U08,U14
Elizabeth Cooperman AHC-1 227 Mon 1-3pm U09,U10

Irvin Arce   Wed 2-4pm U03,U15

Natalie Damaso OE 200 Wed 12-2pm U01,U02
Ellen Dow AHC-1 217 Wed 12-2pm U06,U07
Katherine Dougan AHC-1 217 Fri 1-3pm U11,U12